Media bias and its extreme form, fake news, can decisively affect public opinion, authors say . Slanted news coverage may influence societal decisions, e.g., in democratic elections . Study suggests that our content-driven identification method detects groups of similarly slanted news articles due to substantial biases present in individual news articles. Incontrast, the reviewed prior work rather only facilitates the visibility ofbiases by distinguishing left- and right-wing outlets. Our study further suggests that the content-based identification method finds groups of similar slanted articles. In addition, the method identifies groups of news articles with similar bias. It also suggests that this method is effective in identifying left-and-right-wing news outlets. It is also effective in distinguishing right-leaning outlets. The authors conclude that the method is useful in identifying right- and

Author(s) : Felix Hamborg, Kim Heinser, Anastasia Zhukova, Karsten Donnay, Bela Gipp

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Keywords : news - articles - method - slanted - suggests -

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