Niching is an important and widely used technique in evolutionarymulti-objective optimization . Its applications mainly focus on maintaining diversity and avoiding early convergence to local optimum . In MMOPs, a solution in the objective space may have multipleinverse images in the decision space, which are termed as equivalent solutions . In our experiments, we integrate our proposed niching diversityestimation method into SPEA2 and NSGA-II and evaluate their performance on several MMOP problems . Experimental results show that the proposed mechanism enhances the performance of SPEA 2 and NSga-II on variousMMOPs. It is proposed to make standard diversity estimators more efficient whenhandling MMOP’s. In this study, a general nichedmechanism is proposed

Author(s) : Yiming Peng, Hisao Ishibuchi

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Keywords : proposed - niching - objective - diversity - multi -

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