This paper is concerned with the design of a non-intrusive model orderreduction (MOR) for the system of parametric time-domain Maxwell equations . Atime- and parameter-independent reduced basis (RB) is constructed by using atwo-step proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) technique from a collection offull-order electromagnetic field solutions, which are generated via adiscontinuous Galerkin time- domain (DGTD) solver . The mapping between thetime/parameter values and the projection coefficients onto the RB space isroximated by a Gaussian process regression (GPR) The performance of our method isillustrated by a scattering problem of a multi-layer dielectric cylinder. The proposed POD-GPRframework is . The proposed method is described by the authors of this paper. It is described as ‘non-intructructured’ and ‘decouples the offline and online stages of the offline stage.’ Then the fieldsolution can be directly recovered in the online stage .

Author(s) : Ying Zhao, Liang Li, Kun Li

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Keywords : proposed - pod - method - order - electromagnetic -

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