This paper introduces the sixth Oriental Language Recognition (OLR) 2021Challenge . It intends to improve the performance of language recognitionsystems and speech recognition systems within multilingual scenarios . The dataprofile, four tasks, two baselines, and the evaluation principles are presented . In addition to the Language Identification (LID) tasks, multilingual Automatic Speech Recognition tasks are introduced toOLR 2021 Challenge for the first time . The challenge this year focuses on morepractical and challenging problems, with four tasks: (1) constrained LID, (2)unconstrained LID), (3) constrained multilingual ASR, (4) unconstrainedmultilingualASR . These recipes will be onlinepublished, and available for participants to construct their own LID or ASR

Author(s) : Binling Wang, Wenxuan Hu, Jing Li, Yiming Zhi, Zheng Li, Qingyang Hong, Lin Li, Dong Wang, Liming Song, Cheng Yang

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Keywords : lid - tasks - challenge - language - recognition -

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