There is a limited evidence-based and thorough understanding of the types of issues faced by microservices system developers and causes that trigger the issues . Technicaldebt (321), Build (145), Security (137) and Serviceexecution and communication (119) are prominent . “General programming errors”, “Poor security management”, “invalidconfiguration and communication”, and “Legacy versions, compatibility anddependency” are the predominant causes for the leading four issue categories . Study results streamline a taxonomy of issues, their mapping with underlyingcauses, and present empirical findings that could facilitate research and development on emerging and next-generation microservices systems . The research and industry communities haveshown an increasing interest in the Microservices Architecture (MSA) style over the last few years, say experts . Back to Mail Online home: Back to the page you came from:¬†

Author(s) : Muhammad Waseem, Peng Liang, Mojtaba Shahin, Aakash Ahmad, Ali Rezaei Nasab

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Keywords : microservices - issues - systems - empirical - study -

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