The problem of recovering coefficients in a diffusion equation is one of the inverse problems . In this paper we seek theunknown $a$ assuming that $a=a(u)$ depends only on the value of the solution at a given point . Such diffusion models are the basic of a wide range of physicalphenomena such as nonlinear heat conduction, chemical mixing and populationdynamics . We shall look at two types of overposed data in order to effectrecovery of $a$. In the latter case we shall show a uniqueness result that leads to a constructivemethod for recovery of $A$ . For both types of measured data we shallshow reconstructions based on the iterative algorithms developed in the paper . In the later case we will show a unique result that led to a new method for recovery $a $a’s discovery of $u(u(x_0,t,t) and $a(t) $a

Author(s) : Barbara Kaltenbacher, William Rundell

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Keywords : diffusion - types - case - show - equation -

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