A bi-level optimization model is proposed to investigate the strategic bidding behavior of the price-maker DERaggregator in day-ahead joint energy and reserve markets . The simulation results indicate that the available services and the corresponding profits will decrease with the security limitation of the distribution system . Case studies are carried out on a constructed integrated transmission and distribution (T&D) system and a practical integrated T&D system. The simulationresults indicate that . the available . services and corresponding profits . will .decrease with security limitation, the simulation results show . that the . available services . and the resulting profits will . decrease with security limitations of the . distribution . system . The study was published by the University of Cambridge, England, on November 14, 2013. For more information, visit http://www.academedia.com/discovery/discoveries/www.discovery.org/diversity/diverse.com.uk/Discovery/dalimore/dalom.dalom

Author(s) : Zhijun Shen, Mingbo Liu, Lixin Xu, Wentian Lu

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Keywords : system - security - energy - discovery - distribution -

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