Current methods fail to perceive datarelativity under partial observation . Omni-Relational Network (OR-Net) to model the pointwise relativity in two aspects . It is demonstrated that the proposed OR-Net can be wellgeneralized for data completion tasks of various modalities, including functionregression, image completion on MNIST and CelebA datasets, and also sequentialmotion generation conditioned on the observed poses . The proposed method can be generalized todifferent scenarios regardless of whether the physical structure can beobserved or not. It is further discovered that the . proposed method . can be . generalized to different scenarios . regardless of the physical . structure can . be observed or not . It was demonstrated that it is well-generalized to data completion for various . modalities of variousmodalities, such as functionregressed, including . functionRegression and image completion in MNIST . and also . to the MNIST or CelebA dataset . It has been demonstrated to be well generalized for various modalities, as it was demonstrated to the proposed Or-Net. It was well-

Author(s) : Qianyu Feng, Linchao Zhu, Bang Zhang, Pan Pan, Yi Yang

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Keywords : completion - demonstrated - generalized - net - proposed -

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