Process mining offers a promising way to help analyze resource grouping, authors say . Organizations need to acquire an accurate and timelyunderstanding of human resource grouping . Authors propose a novel framework built upon a richer definition of organizationalmodels coupling resource grouping with process execution knowledge . The framework allows effective evaluation of organizational models, and therefore provides a foundation for analyzing and improving resource grouping based onevent logs, they say . Authors: We demonstrate the feasibility of this framework by proposing anapproach underpinned by the framework for organizational model discovery, and also conduct experiments on real-life event logs to discover and evaluate organizational models against event log data is yet to be proposed. We conclude that this framework is feasible and can be used to help organizations streamline operations and facilitate the competitiveness of an organization in a competitive environment, they conclude. We also conclude that it is possible to use the use of event logs as a tool to analyze and improve the effectiveness of our understanding of our analysis of our own data to identify and improve our knowledge of human resources in an effective and efficient ways to identify our processes and processes that have been previously described in the past .

Author(s) : Jing Yang, Chun Ouyang, Wil M. P. van der Aalst, Arthur H. M. ter Hofstede, Yang Yu

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Keywords : framework - resource - organizational - grouping - event -

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