ParadisEO is a comprehensive C++ freesoftware which targets the development of modular metaheuristics . It is of prior importance to have access to mature and flexible software frameworks which allow for an efficient exploration of the algorithm design space . This articlesummarizes the features of the framework, a highly modular architecture, a large set of components, speed of execution and automated algorithm design features, which are key to modern approaches to metaheiristics development . The framework is open enough to connect with higher-level optimization, monitoring and evaluation softwares, such as C++ optimization and evaluation software . It provides a modular architecture and a large number of components .

Author(s) : Johann Dreo, Arnaud Liefooghe, S├ębastien Verel, Marc Schoenauer, Juan J. Merelo, Alexandre Quemy, Benjamin Bouvier, Jan Gmys

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : modular - design - framework - paradiseo - components -

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