The energy-optimaldeceleration planning system (EDPS) aims to maximize energy recuperation of regenerative braking of connected and autonomous electrified vehicles . The key design parameter is decelerationtime, which determines the speed profile . In automated driving, the powertrain of an electrified vehicle can be directly controlled by the vehiclecontrol unit . In comparison with driver-in-the-loop simulation tests,EDPS-based autonomous driving shows improvements in energy-recuperation and .reduction in trip time, says the EDPS . It isshown that the longer the longer preview distance in theEDPS, the more energy-Recuperation. It is also shown that the . longer preview distances in the . EDPS is the moreenergy-recoveringation, the . more energy . Recuperation, it is shown. In comparison to driver-In-the.loop simulations tests, EDPS- based autonomous driving showed improvements in efficiency and reduction in . trip time. It was found to improve in energy recRecoveration and reduced trip time in the simulation tests. It has shown improvements in driving simulation tests with a virtual roadenvironment and vehicle-

Author(s) : Dohee Kim, Jeong Soo Eo, Kwang-Ki K. Kim

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Keywords : energy - edps - autonomous - time - tests -

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