People park their vehicle depending on interior and exterior contexts, even unconsciously . Park4U Mate is a voice-based in-car assistant that is aware ofinterior and exterior context . The solution was demonstrated to thirty-five users in test-drives and their feedback was collected on the system’s decision-making capability as well as on the human-machine-interaction . The results show that: (1) the proposed optimization algorithm is efficient at deciding the best parking strategy; hence, autonomous vehicles can adopt it. (2) a voice based digitalassistant for autonomous parking is perceived as a clear and effectiveinteraction method . However, the interaction speed remained the most importantcriterion for users. In addition, they clearly wish not to be limited on onlyvoice-interacting, to use the automated parking function and rather appreciate a multi-modal interaction. In fact, they wish not be limited to the system’s [Park4u Mate] In addition to the [autonomous vehicles can [sic] to use it, hence, the results show: (3) A voice-freezing] system is a clear, effective and effective method. However, it is also perceived as an effective tool for autonomous vehicles is perceived by users.

Author(s) : Antonyo Musabini, Evin Bozbayir, Hervé Marcasuzaa, Omar Adair Islas Ramírez

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Keywords : autonomous - parking - park - mate - vehicles -

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