This paper considers a network of agents, where each agent is assumed to takeactions optimally with respect to a predefined payoff function involving the latest actions of the agent’s neighbors . Neighborhood relationships stem frompayoff functions rather than actual communication channels between the agents . A principal is tasked to optimize the network’s performance by controlling the information available to each agent with regard to other agents’ latest actions . After conducting a comprehensive steady-state analysis of thenetwork, an efficient algorithm is presented and validated via numerical examples . The paper has a narrower focus toilluminate the problem and how it can be addressed in practice. In particular, the paper has the focus of looking at the problem in practice and how the problem can be dealt with in practice by using a different way of working with agents in a novel way to find optimal partitions and finding optimal

Author(s) : Sadegh Arefizadeh, Sadjaad Ozgoli, Sadegh Bolouki, Tamer Ba┼čar

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Keywords : agents - agent - problem - optimal - paper -

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