Single-photon cameras (SPCs) are an emergingsensing modality that are capable of capturing images with high sensitivity . Despite having minimal read-noise, images captured by SPCs in photon-starved conditions still suffer from strong shot noise . We propose photon scale-space a collection of high-SNR imagesspanning a wide range of photons-per-pixel (PPP) levels as guides to train inference model on low photon flux images . We demonstrate, via simulationsand real experiments with a SPAD camera, high-performance on various inferencetasks such as image classification and monocular depth estimation under ultralow-light, down to < 1 PPP . Based on the proposed approach, we demonstrate, we demonstrated, via simulation and real experiments, we . demonstrated

Author(s) : Bhavya Goyal, Mohit Gupta

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : photon - high - images - inference - experiments -

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