Property graphs constitute data models for representing knowledge graphs . They allow for the convenient representation of facts, including facts about facts, represented by triples in subject or object position of other triples . In RDF representations, this error can be addressed by shapelanguages such as SHACL or ShEx . We design a shape language for property graphs, ProGS, which allows for formulating shape constraints on property graphs including their specific constructs, such as edges withidentities and key-value annotations to both nodes and edges . We define aformal semantics of ProGS and investigate the resulting complexity of validatingproperty graphs against sets of shapes, compare with those of ShACL and implement a prototypical validator that utilizes answerset programming . We also investigate the complexity ofvalidating property graphs against Sets of Pro GS shapes, comparing with SHACl and ProGS shapes, and provide a prototypeical validators that utilize answerset programs. We use the ProGS as a tool for ProGS

Author(s) : Philipp Seifer, Ralf Lämmel, Steffen Staab

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : progs - graphs - property - shapes - facts -

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