Human factors and ergonomics are the essential constituents of teleoperationinterfaces, which can significantly affect the human operator’s performance . A quantitative evaluation of these elements and the ability to establishreliable comparison bases for different teleoperation interfaces are the keysto select the most suitable one for a particular application . The proposed framework will go beyond the traditionalsubjective analyses of usability by complementing it with online measurementsof the human body configurations . As a result, multiple quantitative metricssuch as joints’ usage, range of motion comfort, center of mass divergence, andposture comfort are introduced . The quantitative resultsof this analysis are provided, and compared with subjective questionnaires,illustrating the effectiveness of the proposed framework . To demonstrate the potential of the . proposed framework, two different teleoperations interfaces are considered, to demonstrate the . potential of . the proposedframework, to . the

Author(s) : Soheil Gholami, Marta Lorenzini, Elena De Momi, Arash Ajoudani

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Keywords : quantitative - proposed - human - interfaces - framework -

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