Classical internet has laid its foundation originating from thealgamation of mathematics and Claude Shannon’s theory of information . Butoday’s internet technology is a playground for eavesdroppers. This poses aserious challenge to various applications that relies on classical internet technology . Exploring the quantum effects, researcherspaved the way into quantum networks that provide security, privacy and range ofcapabilities such as quantum computation, communication and metrology. Therealization of quantum internet requires quantum communication between variousremote nodes through quantum channels guarded by quantum cryptographicprotocols. Such networks rely upon quantum bits (qubits) that can simultaneously take the value of zeros and ones . But transmitting qubits over long distances is a formidable task. transmitting qubit over long distance is a daunting task. But at the same time transmitting qu bits over such distances, it will become a breakthrough in quantum teleportation over such distance, which will become an important breakthrough in physically realizing quantum internet. In this paper, quantum internet is going on quantum teleportation is going to become an essential breakthrough in the future. In the paper,

Author(s) : Amoldeep Singh, Kapal Dev, Harun Siljak, Hem Dutt Joshi, Maurizio Magarini

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Keywords : quantum - internet - transmitting - breakthrough - task -

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