Remote Direct Memory Access(RDMA) NICs (RNICs) are one such device, allowing applications to offloadremote memory accesses . RDMA still requires CPU intervention for complex offloads, beyond simple remote memory access . RedN can outperform one and two-sided RDMA implementations by up to 3x and 7.8x for key-value get operations and .performance isolation, respectively, and provide applications with failureresiliency to OS and process crashes . We explore what is possible interms of offload complexity and performance with just a commodity RNIC . We present RedN, a principled, practical approach to implementing complex RNIC offloads without requiring any hardware modifications, using self-modifying RDMA chains, to lift the existing RDMA verbs

Author(s) : Waleed Reda, Marco Canini, Dejan Kostić, Simon Peter

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Keywords : rdma - memory - - redn - complex -

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