Reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) is a promising reflective radiotechnology for improving the coverage and rate of future wireless systems . The current work mainlyfocuses on the physical layer design of RIS . But enabling multiple devicesto communicate with the assistance of RIS is a crucial challenging problem . In particular, RISassisted transmissions are implemented by pre-negotiation and amulti-dimension reservation (MDR) scheme . We investigateRIS-assisted single-channel multi-user (SCMU) communications . We propose an RIS-assisted MAC framework to analyze the systemperformance of SCMU/MCMU . Then the optimization problem is formulated tomaximize the overall system capacity of SCmu/MC MU with energy-efficientconstraint. The performance evaluations demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of each of the RIS. Then the evaluation of the performance evaluations demonstrated the feasibility of the feasibility of the … … … The …

Author(s) : Xuelin Cao, Bo Yang, Hongliang Zhang, Chongwen Huang, Chau Yuen, Zhu Han

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Keywords : ris - scmu - assisted - feasibility - design -

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