Resonant beamcommunications (RBCom) is an OWC technology which satisfies theneeds of non-mechanical mobility and high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) It hasthe self-alignment feature and therefore avoids positioning and pointingoperations . However, RBCom undergoes echo interference . The transmitter and the receiver constitute a spatially separatedlaser resonator, in which the retro-reflective resonant beam is formed andtracks the receiver automatically . This structure provides a channel withadaptive capability in beamforming and alignment, which is similar to the concept of intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) enhanced communications, but without hardware and software controllers . The results show that our system achieves longer distance and smaller beamdiameter for the transmission beyond 10 Gbit/s

Author(s) : Mingliang Xiong, Mingqing Liu, Qingwei Jiang, Jie Zhou, Qingwen Liu, Hao Deng

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Keywords : beam - resonator - alignment - receiver - communications -

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