Previous studies have analyzed Dockerfiles that are used to create container images in order to better understand how to improve Docker tooling . In this paper, we revisit the findings of previous studies using the largest set of Dockerfiles known to date with over 9.4 million unique Dockerfiles found in the World of Code infrastructure spanning from 2013-2020 . We reconfirm previous findings of a downward trend in usingOS images and an upward trend of using language images . As well, we reconfirmsthat Dockerfile smell counts are slightly decreasing meaning that Dockerfileauthors are likely getting better at following best practices . Based on thesefindings, it indicates that previous analyses from prior works have beencorrect in many of their findings have been correct in many the findings . It indicates that prior analyses have been accurate in some of the previous works

Author(s) : Kalvin Eng, Abram Hindle

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : previous - dockerfiles - findings - images - analyses -

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