The problem of Multi-Agent Path Finding (MAPF) calls for finding a set ofconflict-free paths for a fleet of agents operating in a given environment . The state-of-the-art approach to computing optimal solutions isConflict-Based Search (CBS) In this work we revisit the complexity analysis ofCBS to provide tighter bounds on the algorithm’s run-time in the worst-case . The results allow us to improve the existing bound on the runningtime of CBS for many cases . For example, weimprove the upper-bound by a factor of at least $2^{10^{7%$ CBS’s complexity . We use generatingfunctions-based analysis in order to tightly bound the recurrence. Using these technique we provide several new upper-bounds on CBS’scomplexity. The results let us to . improve the Upper-Bound by a Factor of $2.10%’s

Author(s) : Ofir Gordon, Yuval Filmus, Oren Salzman

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Code :

Keywords : cbs - bound - bounds - analysis - complexity -

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