Many quantum (convolutional) circuit ansaetze are proposed forgrayscale images classification tasks with promising empirical results . But the intra-channel information that is useful for vision tasks is not extracted effectively . This is the first work of a quantum convolutional circuit to deal with RGB images with a higher test accuracy compared to the purely classical CNNs . We also investigate the relationship between the size of quantum circuit ansatzand the learnability of the hybrid quantum-classical neuralnetwork. We wedemonstrate that a larger size of the quantum circuit Ansatz improvespredictive performance in multiclass classification tasks, providing usefulinsights for near term quantum algorithm developments. Through experiments based on CIFAR-10 and MNIST datasets, we wedemonstrated that a bigger size of . the quantum circuits ansatz improves performance in .

Author(s) : Yu Jing, Yang Yang, Chonghang Wu, Wenbing Fu, Wei Hu, Xiaogang Li, Hua Xu

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Keywords : quantum - circuit - tasks - convolutional - size -

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