SSAILFISH outperforms five state-of-the-art smart contract analyzers (SECURITY,MYTHRIL, OYENTE, SEREUM and VANDAL ) in terms of performance, and precision . It discovered 47 previously unknown vulnerable smart contracts outof 89,853 smart contracts from ETHERSCAN . Intotal, SSAFISH discovered 47 unknown . vulnerable smart . contracts out of 89, 853 . contracts from the ETHERS CAN database . We developed a prototype of SAILfISH and evaluated itsability to detect two state-inconsistency flaws, viz., reentrancy andtransaction order dependence (TOD) in Ethereum smart contracts . Further, we present detection rules for other kinds of smart contract flaws that SAFISH can be extended to detect .

Author(s) : Priyanka Bose, Dipanjan Das, Yanju Chen, Yu Feng, Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : smart - contracts - state - contract - discovered -

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