ClassFinder retrieves replacement classes, along with a field-aware field/method mapping between classes . Querying a search space of 24 known Java classes provided meaningful replacement classes and mappings, in many cases producing completemappings with functionally identical replacement classes . The technique leverages the strengths of a distributed embeddings-based search and type-based analysis, using the former to prune down candidates for anoptimization-based approach based on the latter . The results are based on an analysis of over 600,000 Java classes and a search corpus S . The search results are a result of the analysis of a search of more than 600thousand Java classes, with the results being refined by the search of a corpus of over 100,000 classes and their fields and method mapping between the search space. The results were based on a search and analysis of approximately 1,500 Java classes.

Author(s) : Malavika Samak, Jose Pablo Cambronero, Martin C. Rinard

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : classes - search - based - results - analysis -

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