Connected vehicle applications have the potential to revolutionize the transportation system, but cyber and physical attacks on them could bedevastating . In this work, we propose an efficient dual cyber-physical-physicalblockchain framework to build trust and secure communication for CV applications . Our approach incorporates blockchain technology and physicalsensing capabilities of vehicles to quickly react to attacks in a large-scalevehicular network, with low resource overhead . We explore the application ofour framework to three CV applications, i.e., highway merging, intelligentintersection management, and traffic network with route choices . Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of our framework indefending against spoofing attacks, bad mouthing attacks, and Sybil and voting

Author(s) : Xiangguo Liu, Baiting Luo, Ahmed Abdo, Nael Abu-Ghazaleh, Qi Zhu

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Code :

Keywords : attacks - applications - framework - physical - cyber -

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