“stack safety” is associated with avariety of compiler, run-time, and hardware mechanisms for protecting stackmemory . We propose a formal characterization of stack safety, formulated with concepts from language-based security . We use these properties to validatethe stack-safety “micro-policies” proposed by Roessler and DeHon [2018]. We check (with property-based random testing) that Roessler’s “eager” micro-policy, which catches violations as early as possible, correctly detects a simple “stepwise” variant of our properties and correctly detects several broken variants, and that (a repaired version of) their more performant”lazy” macro-policy corresponds to a slightly weaker and more extensional”observational”variation of our

Author(s) : Sean Noble Anderson, Leonidas Lampropoulos, Roberto Blanco, Benjamin C. Pierce, Andrew Tolmach

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : safety - stack - properties - roessler - correctly -

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