We study the separation of positive and negative data examples in terms of description logic concepts in the presence of an ontology . We add a signature that specifies a subset of the symbols that can be used for separation . Stronger separating concepts coincide with Craiginterpolants, for suitably defined encodings of the data and ontology. Thisenables us to transfer known results from those fields to separability. For example, conservative extensions and weakseparability in ALCO are both 3ExpTime-complete. Conversely, we obtain original results on separability that can’t be transferred backward. Conveniently, these results can be transferred back to the original separability of the original separation. Conventional separability is shown to be

Author(s) : Jean Christoph Jung, Carsten Lutz, Hadrien Pulcini, Frank Wolter

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Keywords : separability - concepts - separation - original - data -

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