A k-anonymous broadcast can be implemented using a small group of diningcryptographers to first share the message, followed by a flooding phase started by group members . Members have little incentive to forward the message in atimely manner, as forwarding incurs costs, or they may even profit from keeping the message . If less than k group members broadcast their shares, the message cannot be decoded thus preventing privacy breaches for the originator . Oursystem provides (n-attackers|)-anonymity for up to k-1 attackers and haslittle performance impact on dissemination . We show these results in a securityanalysis and performance evaluation based on a proof-of-concept prototype .Throughput rates between 10 and 100 kB/s are enough for many real applications, e.g., financial blockchain system. Ours system is enough for .

Author(s) : David Mödinger, Juri Dispan, Franz J. Hauck

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : message - members - group - attackers - broadcast -

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