C. elegans shows chemotaxis using klinokinesis where the worm senses the concentration based on a single concentration sensor to compute the concentration gradient to perform foraging through gradient ascent/descenttowards the target concentration . The biomimeticimplementation requires complex neurons with multiple ion channel dynamics aswell as interneurons for control . The Loihi implementation is equivalent to the Python counterpart on Python in terms of performance – both during foragingand contour tracking . The results are also resilient in noisyenvironments, they say. Thus, we demonstrate a successful adaptation of chemotactic onLoihi – which can now be combined with the rich array of SNN blocks for SNNsbased complex robotic control . In this paper, we demonstrated a successful Adaptation of Chemotaxis on Loih

Author(s) : Apoorv Kishore, Vivek Saraswat, Udayan Ganguly

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : concentration - loihi - chemotaxis - klinokinesis - python -

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