Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is to reconstruct the internal conductivity of a physical body based on current and voltagemeasurements at the boundary of the body . In many medical applications the exact shape of the domain boundary and contact impedances are not available . A method is proposed that simultaneously reconstructs the conductivity, the contact impedance and the boundary shape from EIT data . Theapproach consists of three steps: . First, the unknown contact . impedances and ananisotropic conductivity reproducing the measured EIT . data in a model domainare computed . Second, using isothermal coordinates, a deformation isconstructed that makes the . conductivity isotropic . The final step minimizes the error of true and reconstructed known geometric properties (like the electrodelengths) using conformal deformations

Author(s) : J. P. Agnelli, V. Kolehmainen, M. Lassas, P. Ola, S. Siltanen

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Keywords : conductivity - contact - boundary - impedances - impedance -

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