The study of the prophet inequality problem in the limited information regimewas initiated by Azar et al. [SODA’14] in the pursuit of prior-independentposted-price mechanisms . As they show, $O(1)$-competitive policies areachievable using only a single sample from the distribution of each agent . Using this framework, we obtain the first SSPI for general(non-bipartite) matching environments, as well as improved competitive ratiosfor transversal and truncated partition matroids . We discuss applications of our SSPIs to the design of mechanisms formulti-dimensional limited information settings with improved revenue and welfare guarantees . For example, we provide a meta-theorem which applies to any matroid satisfying this partition property of anymatroids satisfying this potentially potential theoretical theorem . We obtain improved competitive guarantees (most by a factor of $2$) for a number of matroid matroided matroides . For more information on this article, please visit http://www://www.sODA/sODa’ .

Author(s) : Constantine Caramanis, Matthew Faw, Orestis Papadigenopoulos, Emmanouil Pountourakis

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Keywords : soda - information - improved - competitive - obtain -

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