This paper uses the collaborative project Radical Translations as case study to examine some of the theoretical perspectives informing the adoption andcritique of data visualization in the digital humanities . It showcases how data visualization is used within a King’s DigitalLab project lifecycle to facilitate collaborative data exploration within the project interdisciplinary team . Theoretical issues around bridging the gap between approaches adopted for small and/or large-scale datasets are addressed from functional perspectives with reference to evolving data modelling and software development lifecycle approaches and workflows . Some of the identified trade-offs have epistemological value beyond the specific case study iterations and its design solutions and their design solutions are addressed .

Author(s) : Arianna Ciula, Miguel Vieira, Ginestra Ferraro, Tiffany Ong, Sanja Perovic, Rosa Mucignat, Niccolò Valmori, Brecht Deseure, Erica Joy Mannucci

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Keywords : data - visualization - project - case - study -

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