With rapid development in artificial intelligence, social computing has evolved beyond social informatics toward the birth of social intelligencesystems . This paper takes initiatives to propose a social behaviourunderstanding framework with the use of deep neural networks for social andbehavioural analysis . The integration of information fusion, person and objectdetection, social signal understanding, behaviour understanding, and contextunderstanding plays a harmonious role to elicit social behaviours . Threesystems, including depression detection, activity recognition and cognitiveimpairment screening, are developed to evidently demonstrate the importance of social intelligence .

Author(s) : Ethan Lim Ding Feng, Zhi-Wei Neo, Aaron William De Silva, Kellie Sim, Hong-Ray Tan, Thi-Thanh Nguyen, Karen Wei Ling Koh, Wenru Wang, Hoang D. Nguyen

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Keywords : social - intelligence - understanding - behaviour - development -

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