Traditional approaches for leakage detection measure the physical properties of the device and fail to provide root cause analysis . An alternative approach that is gaining traction is to automate leakage detection by modeling the device . We survey the proposed tools to determine the current knowledge levelacross the domain and identify open problems . We believe that our results helppractitionitionitioners who want to use automated leakage detection and researchers are interested in advancing the knowledge and improving automated leakagedetection . We highlight the absence of evaluation methodologies and metrics that would compare proposals’effectiveness from across the domain. In this SoK, we highlight theabsence of evaluation methods and metrics to compare proposals’effectiveness across the domains. We believe our results are important to those interested in improving automated leakage detected by researchers and researchers. We hope that our findings will be helpful to those seeking to advance the knowledge of automated Leakage Detecting Leakable Leakageded Leakaging Detections

Author(s) : Ileana Buhan, Lejla Batina, Yuval Yarom, Patrick Schaumont

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Keywords : leakage - automated - detection - researchers - knowledge -

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