SteemOps is a new dataset that organizes over 900million operations from Steemit into three sub-datasets . The dataset is designed to facilitate future studies aimed at providing insights on emerging blockchain-based social media platforms . We describe the dataset schema and its usage in detail and outline various potential research directions based onSteemOps . We collect over 38 million blocks generated in Steemits during a 45 month time period from 2016/03 to 2019/11 and extract ten key types of operations performed by the users . The results generate Steemops, a new data-driven dataset that includes over 900 million operations from steemit and over 900m operations from the Steemites. The results are published in the form of Steemets and are published by the Bitcoin Foundation, the Open Source Institute of Science and the Bitcoin Institute of Software and Technology (BNCNCNCN) and the University of New York University of North America, respectively .

Author(s) : Chao Li, Balaji Palanisamy, Runhua Xu, Jinlai Xu, Jingzhe Wang

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : operations - dataset - million - steemit - steemops -

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