The application of multilevel converters to renewable energy systems is agrowing topic due to their advantages in energy efficiency . The main drawback of MPC compared to other control techniques in this field is that the control input is held constant during the sampling period . For this reason, a multirate MPC algorithm is proposed, which allows the algorithm to change the input several times within this sampling period. This approach is tested in simulation on a five-level diode-clamped converter (DCC) operating in inverted mode with a three-phase resistive load. Results show significant reduction inharmonic distortion at the cost of an increase in the number of commutations with respect to a standard MPC operating at the same sampling period in the same time . This approach was tested on a DCC with a

Author(s) : Joaquin G. Ordonez, Francisco Gordillo, Pablo Montero-Robina, Daniel Limon

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Keywords : mpc - sampling - period - level - input -

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