The security development lifecycle (SDL) is becoming an industry standard . Skipping non-symbolic instructions allows to build a pathpredicate 1.2–3.5 times faster . Path predicate slicing eliminates irrelevant conjuncts fromsolver queries . We handle each jump table (switch statement) as multiple branches and describe the method for symbolic execution of multi-threadedprograms . The proposed solutions were implemented in Sydr tool . Sydr combines DynamoRIO dynamic binaryinstrumentation tool with Triton symbolic engine .

Author(s) : Alexey Vishnyakov, Andrey Fedotov, Daniil Kuts, Alexander Novikov, Darya Parygina, Eli Kobrin, Vlada Logunova, Pavel Belecky, Shamil Kurmangaleev

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : symbolic - sydr - dynamic - execution - tool -

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