Conceptual Visualisation builds on the well-knownCodeCity metaphor by situating software code artefacts alongside their softwaredevelopment processes . The approach has been implemented in a prototype tool called ScrumCity with the proof of concept being demonstrated using six real-world open source systems . The aim is to link and synchronise these typically separate components of software product and process artefacts in an avisualisation environment that tightly integrates them with their functional requirements and development activity . The results have been carried out with real world data and a preliminary case study has further been carried-out with data from six real world open source platforms . The paper concludes that the approach shows early promise in enabling developers and managers (and potentially otherstakeholders) to traverse and explore multiple aspects of software products in a synchronised manner, achieving traceability between the two. It shows earlypromise in enabling them to explore and explore software products and processes in an effective and efficient way . Back to the page you came from the author’s blog

Author(s) : Mujtaba Alshakhouri, Jim Buchan, Stephen G. MacDonell

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Keywords : software - world - explore - artefacts - real -

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