Recent grid codes stipulate that IBG should inject dual-sequence current when riding through asymmetrical faults . This significantlydiffers from the positive-sequence synchronization alone because the coupleddual-sequence synchronism is involved . For different types of instability, the dominant factors are analyzed quantitatively . Exceeding the limit on the current injection magnitude will lead to the loss of synchronism in both the sequences . The model and the analysis are verified by simulations. The model is based on the model, the conditionsthat steady-state equilibrium points should follow are identified. Theconditions throw light on the possible types of synchronization instability, including the positive sequence dominated instability and the negative-sequenced instability. Exceeded the limit will lead by the limit . The models and the model are verified. The models were verified by simulators. The results are based on a model. The

Author(s) : Xiuqiang He, Changjun He, Hua Geng, Feng Liu

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Keywords : model - instability - sequence - verified - limit -

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