This paper addresses the problem of creating abstract transformersautomatically . The method we present provides the basis for creating a tool toautomate the construction of program analyzers in a fashion similar to the wayyacc automates parsers . We used it to create a set of replacement abstracttransformers for those used in an existing analyzer, and obtained essentially identical performance . However, when we compared the existing transformers with the generated transformers, we discovered that two of the existingtransformers were unsound . We found that the risk of using manually created transformers is to be used to create new analyzers, which is similar to that of a parser or parser . The paper concludes that the tool is a tool that automates the creation of

Author(s) : Pankaj Kumar Kalita, Sujit Kumar Muduli, Loris D'Antoni, Thomas Reps, Subhajit Roy

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Keywords : transformers - tool - existing - analyzers - creating -

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