The Voynich MS is an illustrated 15th century manuscript, whose text is written in an unknown alphabet . In 2004 Gordon Rugg published a paper in which he proposed that this text islikely to be meaningless, and could have been composed by an alternative application of a so-called Cardan Grille . This paper takes a closer look at the mechanics of this method . A more generic method is proposed, which is considerably simpler, both to set up and to execute . The mainaim of this paper is to inspire further research of the manuscript text into anew direction that has not yet been explored in great detail . It is argued that this method could not only be used to createmeaningless text, but also to encode meaningful text. It is shown that the unusual word length distribution of the Voynish MS could be a consequence of the application of such a method, which could be to be a result of the use of the method. The main aim is to encourage further research is to explore further research into a new direction that hasn’t yet be explored in a great detail. This paper concludes that such amethod is far from conclusive.

Author(s) : René Zandbergen

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Keywords : method - text - paper - ms - research -

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