A novel method called “virtual mirroring” topromote employee self-reflection and impact customer satisfaction . The method is based on measuring communication patterns, through social network andsemantic analysis, and mirroring them back to the individual . We find an increase in customers satisfaction in the experimental group and a decrease in the control group . With regard tothe individual communication indicators, we find that customer satisfaction is higher when employees are more responsive, use a simpler language, are embeddedin less centralized communication networks, and show more stable leadershippatterns. We find that employee satisfaction ishigher when employees use a simple language, and are embedded in less central communication networks. We also find that

Author(s) : P. Gloor, A. Fronzetti Colladon, G. Giacomelli, T. Saran, F. Grippa

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Keywords : satisfaction - communication - find - mirroring - customer -

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