The famous three-body problem can be traced back to Newton in 1687 . It suggests that the high-performance computer and artificial intelligence (including machine learning) should be the key to gainperiodic orbits of the famous three body problem . In this paper, we propose an effective approach and roadmap to numerically gain planarperiodic orbit of three body systems with arbitrary masses by means of machinelearning based on an artificial neural network (ANN) model . Given any a known orbit as a starting point, this approach can provide more and more periodic orbits (of the same family name) with variable masses, while the mass domain having periodic orbits becomes larger and larger, and the ANN model becomes wiser and wiser . Finally we have an ANN model trained by means . provides a convenient way to . accurate enough predictions of . predictions of periodic orbits forphysicists and astronomers for . astronomers

Author(s) : Shijun Liao, Xiaoming Li, Yu Yang

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Keywords : body - orbits - ann - problem - model -

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