The use of social networking data has attracted a lot of academic and commercial attention in predicting the stock market . In the short run, the market behaves like avoting machine, but in the long run, it acts like a weighing machine . The proposed model,TI-Capsule (Text and Image information based Capsule Neural Network), is trained with both the text and image information simultaneously . Extensive experiments carried on the collected dataset have demonstrated the effectiveness of TI-Capule in solving the stock exchange prediction problem with 91% accuracy . The study is to predict EUR/USD stock behavior using CapsuleNetwork on finance texts and Candlestick images. Extensiveexperiments carried out on the . dataset have . demonstrated theeffectiveness of the model have demonstrated

Author(s) : Ramin Mousa, Sara Nazari, Ali Karhe Abadi, Reza Shoukhcheshm, Mohammad Niknam Pirzadeh, Leila Safari

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Keywords : stock - capsule - demonstrated - ti - market -

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