The characteristics of high loss rate, resource constraint, being eager forgood security haven’t been fully considered in the existing key establishmentprotocols of wireless sensor networks . Existing protocols are not practicable enoughdue to their overlong agreement packets and single round key establishment . TinyAKE, an authenticated key transportprotocol based on lightweight certificate, is proposed in this paper . TinyOS with TinyECC is implemented inthe TinyOS . The experimental result shows that the key transport withcertificate mechanism is feasible in WSNs. Moreover, the simulation resultsshow that the optimal number of repeated negotiation is one when the secureconnectivity rate of TinyAke is improved by using the repeated key negotiation . The simulation resultshow to the secure connectivity rate was improved by . using the . repeated key negotiations is improved to TinyAake is improved .

Author(s) : Fajun Sun, Selena He, Xiaotong Zhang, Fanfan Shen, Qingan Li, Yanxiang He

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Keywords : key - improved - tinyake - rate - repeated -

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