Topic Modeling is used to analyze a collection of French Drama of the Classical Age and the Enlightenment . The aim of this contribution is to discover what semantic types of topics are found in this collection . This contribution showsthat interesting topic patterns can be detected which provide new insights into the structure of French drama as well as into the history of the classical Age and Enlightenment. This contribution shows that interesting topics can be found in the French drama. It provides new insights intothe thematic, subgenre-related structure of . French drama of the . Classical Age . and the . Enlightenment. The general aim ofthis contribution is . to discover . different dramatic subgenres have distinctive . dominant dominant .topics and plot-related topic patterns, and inversely, to . inversely . to what extentclustering methods based on topic scores per play . produce groupings of texts . agree with more conventional genre distinctions, respectively . The authors say. The authors have found interesting topics and plots to be found .

Author(s) : Christof Schöch

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Keywords : topic - french - drama - topics - classical -

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