A partial fix to a known software issue is a programmer’s failed attempt to fix the issue the first time . The result is abenchmark set of 2204 benchmark tasks for automated program repair based on partial fixes . The benchmark set is available open source and open to further contributions to further improvements and improvement . We crawled 1500open-source C repositories on GitHub for partial fixes. The result of the work is available free and open source. It is a benchmark set for automated programs based onpartial fixes . We ask: Do partial fixes occur often enough, in general, to be relevant for the research area of automated programs? We are happy to provide a set of benchmark tasks to further contribute to further improvement and improvement. Back to Mail Online home . Back to the page you came from

Author(s) : Dirk Beyer, Lars Grunske, Thomas Lemberger, Minxing Tang

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Code :

Keywords : partial - set - fixes - benchmark - open -

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