Chain Reaction Attack exploits weakest point in Online Account Ecosystem . Vulnerability stems from defective multi-factor authentication (MFA), specifically the ones with SMS-based verification, and dependencies among accounts on different platforms . We propose countermeasures including the online account exposedinformation protection mechanism and the built-in authentication to fortify thesecurity of Online Account ecurity of Online Accounts and proposes feasible countermeasures . We evaluate our system on hundreds of representative online services listed in Alexa indiversified fields. We propose severalpragmatic insights into the current online Account E ecosystem and proposes several feasible countermeans including the Online Account exposed information protection mechanism . Back to Mail Online Homepage homepage. Back to the page you came from: .

Author(s) : Weizhao Jin, Xiaoyu Ji, Ruiwen He, Zhou Zhuang, Wenyuan Xu, Yuan Tian

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Keywords : online - account - homepage - ecosystem - based -

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