Canned patterns (i.e. small subgraph patterns) in visual graph queryinterfaces (a.k.a GUI) facilitate efficient query formulation by enablingpattern-at-a-time construction mode . TATTOO takes a data-driven approach to automaticallyselecting canned patterns for a . GUI from large networks . It first decomposes the underlying network into truss-infested and truss .oblivious regions . Candidate canned patterns capturing different real-world querytopologies are generated from these regions . Canned . patterns based on auser-specified plug are then selected for the GUI from these candidates from these . candidates bymaximizing coverage and diversity, and by minimizing the cognitive load of thepattern set . TattOO. Importantly, this work takes a concrete step towardsrealizing plug-and-play visual graph queries for

Author(s) : Zifeng Yuan, Huey Eng Chua, Sourav S Bhowmick, Zekun Ye, Wook-Shin Han, Byron Choi

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Code :

Keywords : canned - patterns - plug - visual - graph -

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